About Me

I'm David Vaughan—dvaun on the web. I live in Bakersfield, CA with my wonderful wife Shelby and two great kids, Emmett and Rowan. I love reading and learning new things every day, especially when it comes to new tech.

Because of my Dad I first learned how to use computers when I was five and wrote my first school reports using the LyX WYSIWYG. Once I got interested in some MMO games I began playing with HTML and CSS. After a few more years of periodic fun programming, I finally majored in computer science and now enjoy being a software engineer.

About my site

This is my personal website where I want to write about:

  • Any of the things I'm interested in, especially at the time of writing
  • Thoughts about news in technology or other fields (maybe political)
  • My resolutions and documentation for programming bugs or other work-related stuff

When something interesting grabs my attention I often get lost in my thoughts. Getting better at preserving those thoughts is a personal goal of mine, so this site will serve a purpose as a place for me to practice writing and reflection in general.

In addition to trying my hand at blogging I'd like to post little apps and snippets of code that I find useful.

I'd love to read your opinions on anything I publish here.


I read a lot of HN and remember coming across a minimal CSS themes project named Sakura which was created by oxalorg. I slightly modified them for use on this site.