Getting to eventual consistency with my own zettelkasten

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NOTE: This is an in-progress post. Further reflection and new, relevant information will be inserted with time. Sections will be added as I continue to refine my thoughts.

Reading books and articles is my favorite hobby. I enjoy reading because of all the wonderful things that I receive from doing it: entertainment and excitement from great stories; deep knowledge in niche topics from authors; wisdom and insight that changes between reads and as I grow older.

The information gained from reading is very important to me. It improves me as a person and with my career, as it does with many people who read for fun and personal growth. And, I often don't write notes on what I've read.

I know that this is a mistake. It's a habit.

When I was young I (seemingly) was able to retain a lot of what I'd read, whether for school or for fun. However, I now feel that there is simply too much to learn and that I am making learning difficult by not taking notes.

To change my habit I am following a note-taking system, the zettelkasten. Briefly, it is a system of connecting notes and related thoughts.

For organizing my thoughts I'll likely experiment with a few applications. The following are some that I've taken a look at:

This is it for today (2020-09-28). I do have a few more thoughts, although I have to expand on them a bit before publishing them here.


I want to begin learning in public. With my note-taking system I'll see about publishing useful information here on my site, complete with categories and search. I'll also begin writing more regularly...perhaps establishing a regular cadence on my posts.

In school, note taking was a repeated goal in many classes—English predominantly—and something that I failed to heed.

From what I can remember, it is also my oldest hobby. It kicked off with my parents reading to me as a kid—I think that the books I loved the most were the Frog and Toad stories and some Dr. Seuss books. My parents believed that instilling a love of reading was important for my sisters and I. And I did love listening to how they read them!

My wife and I believe the same for our two children. We read to them during the day and always during their bedtime routine. I may write more about this in another post.